Getting Started on the QuantAQ Cloud

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Get Started ⚡ Pardon our dust, this is a work in progress! This guide covers how to make a QuantAQ Cloud account and navigate the console, how to set up teams for network administrators, and additional resources.

Create Your Account

To create an account, navigate to the login page and select “Sign up”!

Account Tour

There are several helpful tabs in your account that allow you to access your air quality sensors, create and join teams, and view and download data.

Console overview

Create a Team

Teams are a way for network administrators to organize all of your project’s or organization’s devices into one place. You can invite anyone with a QuantAQ cloud account to your team and all members of the team can easily access each device’s data.

Note: you can only add devices to a team if you are the device owner.

Apply to Become a Researcher

Note: this step is optional.

If you are a researcher or scientist and would like access to the raw data, apply to become a researcher by filling out the researcher application.

Additional Resources

We have a Help Desk that has several articles on teams and your account, including:

We have a community page that you can join and post and answer questions at. Here, anyone in the QuantAQ community can respond to your questions with their own experience and findings!

You can also reach out to us by opening a support ticket via the “Submit a request” link on every page of our Help Desk.

We strongly suggest following our best practices article to help make our support request go as quickly and smoothly as possible!