Solar Power System Installation Guide

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Get Started ⚡ This guide covers the setup and installation process for QuantAQ's Solar Power System add-on for the MODULAIR and MODULAIR-PM sensors.



Battery Capacity

26,800 mAh, 96 Watt Hours

Battery Output

5V, 2A

Battery Type

Lithium Ion

Solar Panel

20W, 6V

Operating Range

-15 ºC to 60ºC Safe Charging Range: 0ºC to 45ºC Safe Discharging Range: -15ºC to 60ºC

Tools Required

  • Phillips Screwdriver 🪛
  • Adjustable Wrench 🔧

Mounting Considerations

The Solar Power System includes 1" and 1.5" U-Bolts for mounting both the Battery Bracket and Solar Panel Bracket to a pole or post, but you can use whatever suits your specific mounting needs. The Solar Power System is designed to be mounted to a tripod or circular fence post, but can be easily adapted for alternative installations.

It is important to ensure the orientation of the Solar Panel is optimal for your geographic location. If in the northern hemisphere, your panel should be installed facing true south, and if in the souther hemisphere, it should be mounted true north. The panel should be mounted at an angle of between 30 and 45 degrees to optimize charging.

As shipped, our Solar Panel System is optimized to be mounted of poles with diameters between 1.5” to 2.25”.


Solar Panel Bracket

The mounting area of the solar panel bracket is designed to fit as many possible mounting configurations as possible. Each slot is 10 mm in diameter and range from 21 mm to 29 mm in width from center-to-center. There are also two mounting holes for screws that are each 5 mm in diameter and located 38 mm apart from one another vertically. The two slots in the vertical center of the bracket are each 29 mm by 10 mm and fit U-bolts that can range from 27-85 mm in width. The four vertical slots are each 21 x 10 mm and are placed 75 mm apart horizontally and will fit U-bolts between 25 mm and 67 mm.

The technical drawing for this bracket can be found on the manufacturer’s website here.

Battery Pack Bracket

Dimensions for the battery bracket are in mm. There are three sets of mounting slots for the U-bolts and/or hose clamps to go through. They are centered at 1", 2", and 3.5" apart from one another. They are all 0.55" tall → hose clamps that have a width of 0.5" or less will easily fit.

Figure 2. Battery Bracket Dimensions.
Figure 2. Battery Bracket Dimensions.

What's Included?

The solar+battery kit includes the following:


Item DescriptionQuantityImage
Battery in Hammond waterproof case
Solar Panel Mounting Bracket
Battery Box Mounting Bracket
4' Extension cable for solar panels
20W Solar Panel
8-32 screw with nut
ETFE panel screw and nut set
1.5" U-bolt with mounting plate
1" U-bolt with mounting plate
Figure 3. All components included in the Solar+Battery kit.
Figure 3. All components included in the Solar+Battery kit.

Getting Started

Step 1. Mount the Panels

The first step is to mount the 20W solar panel to the Solar Panel Bracket. Remove the plastic covering from the face of the solar panel and align them so that five mounting holes align with the holes in the bracket. Use the panel mounting screws (Bag 2) to secure the solar panel to the bracket.

Figure 4. Mount the 20W solar panel to the Solar Panel Bracket.
Figure 4. Mount the 20W solar panel to the Solar Panel Bracket.

Step 2. Mount the Battery Bracket

Use the four 8-32 screws and nuts (Bag 1) to secure the battery box bracket to the battery box.

Figure 5. Mount the battery box bracket to the battery box using the 8-32 screws and nuts.
Figure 5. Mount the battery box bracket to the battery box using the 8-32 screws and nuts.

Step 3. Attach the Solar Panel Cable

Attach the 4' extension cable and attach the end of the cable to the available power input connection on the left-hand side of the base of the Battery Box. At this point, the Solar Panel is connected to the Battery and are ready to mount. Note: make sure the cable is fully inserted into its mate to ensure a good connection and to keep it waterproof.

Step 4. Mount the Battery and Solar Panel

The final step is to mount the Solar Power System to a tripod or pole. The 1" and 1.5" u-bolts provided in the shipment are one option. If these are not compatible for your specific mounting scenario, additional U-bolts or ring clamps should be obtained.

Reference the bracket dimensions above to choose the best mounting hardware for your use case.

Upon mounting, orient the Solar Panel such that their sun exposure is maximized (i.e. South facing if in the Northern Hemisphere). Double check that the solar panel power cable connections are secure and connect the USB-C power cable on the right hand side of the battery box to your MODULAIR or MODULAIR-PM system.

Special Considerations

The angle and cardinal direction of install is incredibly important for maximizing power generation from your solar panel. To determine the ideal panel tilt angle and azimuth angle, you an use an online calculator like found here.